Year: 2022

CATLine Industrial Ethernet Cables

Weather Resistant Continuously flexible Good Ozone and UV resistance Good oil and fuel resistance Fulfils fire protection requirements R15 (EL1A) and R16 (EL1B) acc. To EN 45545-2 for hazard levels HL1-3 Used for flexible outdoor installation, e.g. bogies, railway machines. Also, for flexible application inside rolling stock, e.g. door systems.

DC/DC Converters

On vehicles with 110V on-board voltage it’s often necessary to provide a simple DC 24 V supply voltage for small consumers. With a wide range of suitable DC/DC converters. EN 50 155 certified DC/DC converters, with 14W-600W, which are especially designed for vehicle and railway applications. These devices supply the electric and electronic systems on-board …

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Train Antennas

Train antennas certified according to EN50155 with a diameter of 200mm, due to their extremely flat design with height of only 40mm or 60mm, allow the mutual use of different communication systems. They are suitable multiband applications of LTE, TETRA, GPS, GLONASS, WiFi, GSM, Wimax, UTMAS etc. Railway approval EN50155, EN50124, EN50122-1, IEC 60068-2, IEC …

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In order to connect the different analogue signals inside a vehicle to the control technology, LÜTZE offers a range of transducers & limit switches, which are specifically tailored to rail vehicle requirements. This limit switch cab be programmed with a free software. The thresholds of two semiconductor switches can be parameterized. A typical application example …

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Relay & Timers with Positive-Action Contacts

The relays are compliant to the standards EN 50205, IEC/EN 60255 and IEC 60664-1 and are therefore suitable for safety-relevant applications Compliant to EN50155 and EN45545-2 Timing Relay with Dropout Delay Wide range power supply and wide range control voltage  allow operation on all standard on-board voltages between DC 24 V and DC 110 V …

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Onboard Controller

Flexible compact control Unit for use in rail vehicles. Works as subsystem controller or as a powerful gateway linking various vehicle specific bus signals. Up to 4 bus interfaces, flexibly configurable as Ethernet, MVB(Slave), CANopen/CANJ1939/EtherNet/IP,Profinet/RS 485 Type tested according to EN50155, temperature range Tx (- 40°C to +70°C).